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Two-Headed Match

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Sometimes when you are trying to light a candle, you don't strike it right and you just ruin the match head, making the match useless. This happens alot especially when you have almost finished the box of matches and the phosphorous strips on the sides of the box have worn away.

Why not put a match head on both ends of the stick?

It would help.

DesertFox, Dec 29 2004


       I prefer the two headed candle.
pluterday, Dec 29 2004

       Perfect for those who need to burn their candles at both ends.
krelnik, Dec 29 2004

       I kind of like the frugality of it.
<completely off topic>
Try this. Take a new pack of matches and fold one match underneath so that the head rests against the striker. Now fold the cover back so that it covers the head resting against the striker and carefully masking tape the crap out of it. If you do it right it makes an explosive throwing star. <c.o.t.>

reensure, Dec 30 2004


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