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Typing while not typing

Play sounds on your computer of somebody typing.
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And thus it sounds like you are typing lots while actually you're just sitting back and relaxing. Your boss will never know the difference.

Just be careful to pick a typing sound to suit your usual typing speed.

gardnose, May 18 2001


       "Johnson, I thought I'd drop by to see what you've been working on so hard over here. You know, you're an inspir... Johnson? Wake UP, Johnson!"
centauri, May 18 2001

       I read about this in a murder-mystery novel once, it was just the typing sound though. It was a bad book anyway.
salmon, May 18 2001

       Couple this with a proximity sensor and a screensaver that makes it look like you've recently left your desk halfway through a piece of work and you don't need to turn up to work at all.   

       You'd just need something to get rid of the post-it notes that would accumulate.   

       "Automatic post-it note retrieval and and destruction mechanism", anyone?
st3f, May 18 2001

       [salmon]: The novel may have been 'The Satan Bug' by Alistair Maclean, wherein the bad guy used a tape recording of himself typing in his hotel room to establish an alibi.
angel, May 19 2001

       A particular trend with some of the old DOS games used to be a "Boss screen" -- by which you could press a key combination (ctrl-B usually) and the game would immediately be replaced with a spreadsheet, graph chart, or something simarly "work related."   

       This can obviously just be Ctrl-tab now that we have the joy of multitasking.
nhyatt, Jan 21 2002

       I have a Muck client that shows in the taskbar as 'notepad' if you set the boss setting...
StarChaser, Jan 21 2002


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