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substitute worker

How to make it someone else's job for a day
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With the increasing modulatiry of the modern workforce, what about taking the idea of a temp agency one step further?

So, what's the solution when there's a job when you absolutely need to get a job done, but just don't want to go into work today?

Have someone else do it! A 'replacement' agency - you need someone to replace you at your job for a day, they're brought up to speed on all current projects, and go in to work in your stead, preparing a summary to give to you at the end of the day so you can resume tomorrow as if you never left.

Especially a money maker if your workplace will only work with certain 'certified' agencies...

jearbear, May 09 2000

Temporary employee ID badges http://www.i-mocker...ary/memorandum2.asp
Our security staff in particular need to be able to rapidly identify an employee as temporary or non temporary. [LoriZ, Dec 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       i love the idea. Who would pay the replacement agency? Since temp agencies often receive a commission in addition to the actual temp's salary, the absentee worker may operate at a loss. However, it would be worth it to avoid getting canned for laying home hung-over.
squirrel71, May 10 2000


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