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Tyranno-Saurus Kitten

The 2 child family's multi function action doll
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Don't worry I'm not taking this one down the impossible Bio-Science route. Though that is somehow a dream of mine .. a Kitten's upper body attached to a Tyrannosaur's menacing torso.

I've even had a drawing of it made.

The idea I'm shooting for is actually just a toy that works for a girl and a boy. Its a bipolar sort of action figure / Doll with a switch that allows the user to select the sound styles of cute or menacing.

When "cute" is desired the sounds the toy makes are kitteny; such as purring and Meowwwring. The accompanying accessory bag supplies furry leggings to cover T-Rex's nasty scaley legs plus a pair of mittens and a hat. We don't want Miss Puss getting a cold now do we?

When "Menacing" is desired the toy sounds Roooaawwwr and grrrrs. Its eyes light up red with anger and the user can rip off its furry leggings and tear away at the velcro kitten fur patches to slowly reveal a monstrous tyrannosaurus beneath. The accompanying Monster bag comes with little sheep for the tyrannosaur to munch on repeatedly until they're good and dead. Yum !

Now this is the part I love; *or* you simply take off the leggings and leave the upper body intact and there you have it, the Tyrannosaurus Kitten.

Also, the toy can be detached at the torso so the kitten can lick the tyrannosaur's legs - to death!

Or you could actually get a kitten and watch your kids get all scratched up.

Ponies for Parties, Dec 20 2005

Link to the drawing from my myspace account http://myspace-766..../71/100831766_m.jpg
Not sure how to "upload" as per shapu's request, this'll do for now. This was a drawing for the real thing, hence the huge legs. The toy would be more scaled down and not able to crush Cadillacs. [Ponies for Parties, Dec 21 2005]


       I sort of get the why. But not really.
DesertFox, Dec 20 2005

       + for a pet that puts _you_ out for the night.
friendlyfire, Dec 20 2005

       [+] reminds me of some women I've crossed paths with. Interesting.
sophocles, Dec 20 2005

       Can you upload the art? If it's any good (or especially if not) I think we'd all love to see it.
shapu, Dec 20 2005

       This clearly tips the scales in favour of Darwins evolution theory versus the concept of intelligent design, especially if we ask ourselves, why, their postulated intelligent designer in the sky, aka The Creator (note the clever use of Caps to add dramatic effect) wouldn't have come up with the incredible Tyranno-saurus Kittens design in the first place! , just think of all the saved space on Noahs Arc...   

       Note: the existence of a Creator is by many considered just a theory, not science.
jvanguts, Dec 20 2005

       Ha! TyrannoKitty is to scale, funny. Very nice illustration work, btw.
Zuzu, Dec 21 2005

       Can't take the credit for the illustration. Its my friend Joe Fortunato, master Illustrator from the Comics/ Golden section/ Platonic solids school. Give the man an idea and he'll give you the world. How I wish I could draw too !
Ponies for Parties, Dec 21 2005

       As the saying goes, "What do you get when you cross a dinosaur with a cat?"
"A town with no dogs."
reensure, Dec 21 2005

       Someone explain this, Please
The Kat, Dec 21 2005

       Cut a dinosaur and a kitten in half. Useing the thinking part of the cat and the walking part of the dinosaur, sew the two togther. Make sure to do this process either mentally or with plastic replicas to avoid mess.
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005


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