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USB Cheese Warmer Thing

Brings soft cheese to room temperature
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A USB device to bring brie and camembert to room temperature quickly as I can't use the top of my monitor anymore. I also don't have the patience to let the cheese get to room temperature before consumption.
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 17 2004

USB Drink Warmer http://www.welovemacs.com/usbflheat.html
Not only do they make this, it is currently SOLD OUT. Christ. [tiromancer, Dec 17 2004]

Inside the USB drink wamer http://cruftbox.com...rchives/000748.html
It's very shoddy, and something you could easily bake at home. Though I wouldn't feel safe using it. [tiromancer, Dec 17 2004]


       Not just for brie and camembert; Cheez Whiz, too.
contracts, Dec 17 2004

       How about a USB fondue set?
Detly, Dec 17 2004

       You know they're not supported on the Mac..
Mr Burns, Dec 17 2004

       no they dribble down the burger and over the bun. yuk.
po, Dec 17 2004

       Is it safe to warm Cheez-Wiz? I'm sure it can't support any kind of bacterial life, but how much pressure can the can handle?   

       One of my friends was once visiting a sister in paris. She (the friend, not the sister) brought back a large wheel of Brie, for me. In her carry on. It spent another day or two unrefridgerated before I got it, and it was still perfectly edibly. It smelled at least as bad as you think, though.
tiromancer, Dec 17 2004

       Yes, tiro, they age cheese to make it better. I'm sure another couple of days in the old ruck sack couldn't have hurt it too much.
contracts, Dec 17 2004

       only up to a point
tiromancer, Dec 17 2004

       Brie will heal over if you cut a piece off and wrap it up again. The skin grows over the exposed innards.   

       As for cheez wiz, I recommend microwaving it in the can for about 5 minutes before consumption.
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 18 2004


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