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USB Drive Bell Case

a ringing reminder
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USB keychain drives have become common. While they provide convenient storage, they are also easy to lose. My keychain has a plastic case that attaches to a ring. I notice that when the drive is removed, this plastic case clangs against keys in my pockets more loudly. This effect has prevented me from losing the drive many times.

A new design could involve a brass or steel case tuned to an audible frequency range. When the drive is clipped inside, the bell case stays silent. When removed, it clangs and rings to remind the user. A variation might involve a suspended ringer within the bell case. Pushing the drive inside immobilizes the ringer, making it silent.

squirrelecule, Oct 22 2004


       That is soooooo baked.
bobad, Oct 22 2004

       So baked? How?
bristolz, Oct 22 2004

       Well, I've had problems with the cap on mine (dropped it), but that's about it. It doesn't clang at all. And it doesn't come off either. I just leave my keys on when I plug it in. Of course, I mostly use Macs, with the USB port right on the keyboard, so...
Eugene, Oct 22 2004


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