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US navy patenting magic

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Last time I looked into patenting, the idea had to actually work. So a craft using an inertial mass reduction device did kind of catch my eye.

It also begs many questions, like you have a super-weapon and you tell people about it?

Is US navy is trying to sell these super-humvees cost they are skint?

Did they go overboard on the winegums?

Or, are they trying to steal our thunder...

not_morrison_rm, Jun 29 2019

magazine article https://www.thedriv...inese-tech-advances
[not_morrison_rm, Jun 29 2019]

Main reseacher's papers https://scholar.goo...pais&btnG=&oq=salva
[not_morrison_rm, Jun 29 2019]


       Clarke's Third Law.
8th of 7, Jun 29 2019

       Buchanan's Nineteenth Law: There is no theory so lacking in merit or plausibility as to make it impossible for someone, somewhere to believe it.   

       Buchanan's U-Curve of Credulence: If the plausibility of theories is plotted on the X-axis from 'perfectly plausible' on the left, through 'not even wrong', and on to 'utterly whacko' on the right, and the number of people prepared to believe those theories on the Y-axis, the resulting curve has a U shape.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 29 2019

       I'm still wondering if it's worth doing a inertial mass reduction device (etc) craft patent, powered by contra- rotating drums filled supercooled rotating cheese. Even if it didn't work, I'd have somewhere to store cheese.   

       I suspect GoFundMe donors might be skeptical.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 04 2019

       The articles are fascinating. This could actually be a diversion plot too, i.e let's have the Chinese spend a trillion dollars on psychic propulsion kind of thing.   

       Or something out of Noise Level
theircompetitor, Jul 04 2019

       Looks like another person jumping on the EM drive bandwagon.
xaviergisz, Jul 05 2019

       I think a bandwagon might not be sturdy enough, but there's probably room for a small Faraday cage.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 05 2019


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