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U.S.S. Bounty

The Captain--that's you----is about to be overthrown by---whom?
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In the year 2079, the United Space Ship Bounty is heading home after a mission to the Pleasure Planet, Fiji-One, sent by Earth for a golden staff, a rare metal with many special powers. As Captain, you head a crew of fifteen men and women, each with their own skills. When a strange light appears in space, the crew decides that this is a sign and want to turn back to Fiji-One. Not knowing why, you press on to Earth, ten light days away.

After someone tries to make you into toast, you seal yourself up in the Nav-Con room and try to control the ship by yourself. A female crew member appears and explains she is the only one besides yourself who was not affected by the light. Meanwhile the crew is turning into something not quite human.

Why do they want to turn back? What and who was behind that light? There can be many levels to the game: the journey home, the discovery of the light, the fight to stay alive, the fight to return to earth, and finally the reason for the light and the golden staff.

Can you stay alive? What manner of life is the crew turning into? Armed with six lasers and one sonic beam, and, of course, the staff, can you keep the Bounty on course, and learn the truth of what happened?

Dogcat, Mar 21 2008


       Serveur ! Est-ce que je peux avoir le même plat que M. DogCat svp ?
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 21 2008

       Captain Bligh has been much maligned. He was a strict disciplinarian, true - but actually much better than many other RN captains of that era. He also managed to navigate an open boat all the way to Timor .......   

       A bit of historical revisionism is called for.
8th of 7, Mar 21 2008


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