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Ultimate Mint Sauce

A sauce so minty you get frostbite in your mouth.
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People have been gaga for hot sauces for centuries (or at least decades), enjoying seeing how much torturing their mouths can handle with fiery, burning pepper sauces. But why is there no sauce that celebrates the opposite sensation, the highly cooling quality of mint? The sauce would be all natural, with various mints and vinegars and mint extracts combined to blow your head off with incredible coolness! It could be produced using current knowhow.
Vance, Jan 31 2001


       Drink menthol.
badoingdoing, Jan 31 2001

       The sauce is supposed to be all-natural.
Vance, Feb 01 2001

       Menthol is (or at least tends to be) all-natural, too. (But admittedly it doesn't contain vinegar.)
And please do not drink, or try to drink, pure menthol oil.
jutta, Feb 02 2001

       Or, if you must, at least be sure to have a friend nearby who isn't drinking it.
Monkfish, Feb 02 2001

       Damn, now I'm kind of curious as to what would really happen.
jutta, Feb 02 2001

       Menthol is an alcohol, so you would be become roaring drunk;--then you would die.
Vance, Feb 02 2001

       Since I asked, here's the list of symptoms from the National Toxological Program's searchable database of What Happens When You Do Stupid Things:   

Symptoms of exposure to this compound may include irritation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. Exposure may also cause hypersensitivity reactions including contact dermatitis, spasms of the glottis and collapse in young children, urticaria, flushing, headache, insomnia, unsteady gait, thick speech, tremor of the hands, mental confusion, depression, vomiting, cramp in the legs and bradycardia. Exposure to compounds of this class may cause painless blanching or erythema, possible corrosion, profuse sweating, intense thirst, nausea, diarrhea, cyanosis from methemoglobinemia, hyperactivity, stupor, blood pressure fall, hyperpnea, abdominal pain, hemolysis, convulsions, coma and pulmonary edema followed by pneumonia. If death from respiratory failure is not immediate, jaundice and oliguria or anuria may occur. These compounds occasionally cause skin sensitization.
jutta, Feb 02 2001, last modified Feb 03 2001

       And what about unbelievable sourness? Why not try one molar hydrochloric acid and get back to us about it?
centauri, Feb 02 2001

       Hey Guys, mint sauce has been a traditional favorite for hundreds of years in England, eaten with roast lamb or lamb chops. Yummy!
Jonathan, Feb 04 2001

       Yes, the sauce would be extremely refreshing.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       "unsteady gait, thick speech, tremor of the hands, mental confusion" --hey I am like this at 3 AM when I wake up needing to go to the bathroom.
bobzaguy, May 14 2001

       Bobzaguy, maybe have your pillow checked for mint sauce or menthol contamination. How fortunate we are this idea is NOT about how to make a "Southern" US recipe - HOT mint sauce made specialy for those maniacs who can't get enough pain to drown out the taste of food. "Joe's Supercool Mintsauce - one teaspoon gives your whole meal an Artic touch..."
jetckalz, May 15 2001

       1. Menthol is not methanol. 2. I have drunk menthol. I think they key is not to drink too much. The folks at Schlitz apparently theorized that since black folks smoke mentholated cigarettes, and drink malt liquor, mentholated malt liquor would be a big seller in black neighborhoods. The test product was Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull Menthol. I wish I had kept the cans. It was very weird and not very good. One plus is that after drinking one (and they only came in 16 oz cans) you positively reeked of menthol. It never made it past the test phase. 3. Perhaps Altoids could make the Mega Mint sauce?
bungston, Nov 26 2002

       I'm sorry, but this idea appears to be describing mouthwash.
madradish, Dec 26 2002


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