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Ultra dim lights

Every car you can dim the lights, but what about ultra dim ?
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The other day, in a spontaneous trip from Melbourne to Sydney, driving along the lonely freeway in the wee hours in the morning, i noticed that as low as much dash lights were, they dont suit the pitch black environment. Not so much the dash it's self, more so Stereo and GPS, found myself covering the stereo up with a book just so it wasn't a distraction
g00r, Sep 22 2008

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       Is it not possible to turn off the backlight on the GPS? Perhaps not.   

       Surely some car stereos are capable of being wired into the dash lighting potentiometer? Perhaps not.   

       Some aviation panels have channeled lighting, which isn't back- or integral lighting, but is surface mounted and illuminates the gauges from the front. Maybe that's the answer, but probably goes to far.
phoenix, Sep 22 2008

       sp. too
neelandan, Sep 22 2008

       1) No, I meant it goes to Far, Kansas.
2) Ooops. (<- There's your extra "o")
phoenix, Sep 22 2008

       Seems like a brilliant opportunity for duck tape. [+], I like driving in the dark too.
Noexit, Sep 22 2008

       If you don't like the duct tape idea because it will totally obliterate your view and leave a sticky residue, you could also use a custom cut bit of window tinting film (available at most good auto parts stores) which will tone down the display lights when applied to the surface, but still allow you to read them.
jurist, Sep 22 2008

       Either painters tape or gaffers tape would let you block the light, without leaving a residue. (Even masking tape would work, provided you don't leave it on for more than a day, and don't leave it on in direct sunlight).
goldbb, Oct 04 2009

       there is a fuse. why not put some spades in that and wire out for a switch (and an external fuse tap). In-fact this works well for lots of different automotive circuits....
WcW, Oct 04 2009

       Unless your fuses are in a convenient, easy to reach, location, then it's time consuming to either pull them or put them back.   

       For that matter, what about when you want to hear the stereo or gps, just not see it's lights?
goldbb, Oct 05 2009

       If you turn off the headlights, do the dash lights turn off too because they think its day? One could then use night vision goggles for driving.
bungston, Oct 05 2009

       //Surely some car stereos are capable of being wired into the dash lighting potentiometer? //   

       I was thinking the exact same thing.
Jscotty, Oct 05 2009


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