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Bumper mounted camera to make that ordinary drive feel like you're on a racing circuit
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Bored of the same old drive to work? Get Speed-o-cam and get the adrenalin pumping!

A bumper mounted forward looking video camera that routes it's image to a screen in the cabin of the car to give you that feeling of speed at 20mph.

The lower the view point the faster you feel you're going as the parallax effect makes the tarmac seem like it's screaming past you.

scubadooper, Aug 09 2004


       I'd be lucky to get up to 20mph on that parking lot   

       Thanks for the sp
scubadooper, Aug 09 2004

       Watch out for that wabbit.
skinflaps, Aug 09 2004

       From the title, I thought this would be in a very different kind of camera, in a very different location, and was wondering how it would be attached to such a minimalist garment- but I like this idea too. + Can I put one on my bike?
badideajeans, Dec 27 2006


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