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Ultra thin vending machine

A machine so thin it can fit in the inch+ gap between buildings.
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Someone recently pointed out there were really two buildings where there seemed to be one. Sure enough there is this gap you could fit two fingers in sided by side. Brick both sides... and a bit of electrical conduit just visible. Open to the sky and as deep as the shorter building.

Why not a machine so thin it can fit in the inch gap between buildings. Maybe sell gum and lifesavers. Could be ten feet tall and ten deep.

A red led with a random flash would help passersby notice it. "Pssst... Hey buddy want some gum?" it whispers.

I Remember seeing an old ugly green vending machine in an old gas station whose width was a bit more than the length of a Mars bar.

popbottle, Aug 29 2013

well I never... http://books.google...AdQigcC&redir_esc=y
[po, Aug 29 2013]

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       why do you have 1" gaps between buildings?
po, Aug 29 2013

       Fire protection.
8th of 7, Aug 29 2013

       Lots of reasons I can think of. One building is put up first. Later another building is put up next door, but one of the owners doesn't want the buildings to touch. Might be for noise insulation, fire protection, lesser risk of earthquake damage spreading between the two buildings—who knows? If I had a building, I don't think I'd want my neighbor using my building's exterior wall as a support structure. What if I want to remodel later?   

       I've seen these gaps as well. They're easy not to notice, but are indeed very peculiar once you do.
ytk, Aug 29 2013

       //fire protection//   

       Nah, the fire would look at the address and know not to bother the neighbour.
the porpoise, Aug 29 2013

       In some areas it'd be legals: I ran up against an ordinance that said I couldn't run a carport roof between two separately-owned houses which share a driveway; there'd have to be a break in the middle.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2013

       It wasn't carport specific, but no it didn't make much sense.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2013

       or Wagon Wheels.
FlyingToaster, Aug 29 2013

       //why do you have 1" gaps between buildings?//   

       Because 2" would be a waste of space.
AusCan531, Aug 30 2013

       //why do you have 1" gaps between buildings?//   

       Actually, I have yet to see a GAP store of these dimensions. But perhaps, in accordance with [popbottle]'s idea, this might suggest another line of merchandise which could be vended through a one inch slit. I could imagine that clothes-lined Levis and other GAP apparel delivered by waist and inseam sizes (think alpha-numeric keypads like jukeboxes and, well, other general merchandise vending machines) might actually be sort of popular in a very busy and peripatetic society...especially amongst those fleeing crime scenes and/or surprised in flagrante delicto in inappropriate love trysts, for example.
jurist, Aug 30 2013

       I also thought it would be for legal reasons. At least one council statute mentions 'unattached' buildings.
spidermother, Aug 30 2013

       // legal reasons //   

       By far the best legal reason would be the storage of dried, thinly sliced lawyers …
8th of 7, Aug 30 2013


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