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Vending Machine Masterpieces

Richter and a pack of crisps
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The 8 greatest painters alive attempt to create a new masterpiece each. They don’t show anyone and instead cut their painting up into lots of pieces.

Vending machines in cities across the world sell random pieces of the 8 muddled up paintings, one piece per person. People will have to try and find each other to put the paintings back together, or keep their piece to themselves, preventing a painting’s completion.

If any painting is fully restored it will go on display at a special gallery. Spaces are reserved for the unreturned paintings, the famous artist names and painting titles displayed tantalisingly under empty wall space.

Treejuice, Sep 27 2017


       " Collect the entire series ! "   

       Might be a little bit of prior art involved there ....
normzone, Sep 27 2017

       This is actually not a bad idea. It's definitely one of your top three, [Tree].
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2017

       actually this is little bit exciting.   

       fortune cookie for literary works...
beanangel, Sep 28 2017

       The scale seems a bit large. Maybe, in an art gallery or art week scale.
wjt, Sep 29 2017

       // actually this is little bit exciting.//

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting
hippo, Sep 29 2017

       Very Wonka.
RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2017


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