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Ultralight Undersea RC Sonar Robots

A miniature low-cost undersea RC robot that can move on the sea floor and grip and turn things
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The robot would be an underwater vehicle with two emergency "parachutes" to come back up when needed (when battery is done, or if no signal is received withing a certain amount of time). It should be lightweight so low cost of movement, and hydrodynamic, but heavier altogether heavier than the water, its size, so that it stays on the sea bottom. It would need the following systems: (Perhaps, if it's lighter than water, a bag of sand would be used and released (or added from the sea floor) as needed.

an anchoring system - in case it needs to stay put.

camera(s) and image transfer system (via sonar)

emergency buoy on thin fishing thread - first emergency stage, if something goes wrong.

robot hand(s) that can grip, turn, push etc. And robot tools to be used by the robot hands.

powerful LED lights.

A long electric wire version would also be available for smaller underwater distances.

pashute, May 12 2010


       //but heavier than water //
I'd make it slightly positively buoyant with an oil-filled (non-compressible) anti-ballast, with a vertical thruster to send it down, so when the battery fails, it comes up automatically. cf. bathyscaphe Trieste, which had a petrol-filled float, and whose scrap-iron ballast was held in place by an electromagnet.
coprocephalous, May 12 2010


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