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Ultrasonic Coffee Maker

Grind beans and pour water on them, subject to ultrasound.
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Anybody have an ultrasonic cleaner and some ground coffee?

If a tank of rapidly-vibrating water can break gunk off jewelry, it should be able to extract the goodness from ground coffee, perhaps even from whole beans.

I think an ultrasonic coffee maker would bring out different flavors, perhaps a more mild and less acidic brew. It might just make a slurry out of the grounds, but different frequencies should give varying results. A filter would probably still be needed.

Ultrasound would certainly speed up the brewing process.

baconbrain, Nov 28 2010

See how effective are the ultrasonic cleaner who are removing gummed model engine. http://www.youtube....watch?v=wOlcxZrdCTQ
If it will do this ... [baconbrain, Nov 28 2010]

Maplin Ultrasonic Cleaners http://www.maplin.c...h.aspx?menuno=12991
Your search for “Ultrasonic Cleaners” returned the following results. [baconbrain, Dec 02 2010]

ultra-sonication effects on coffee paper (2020) https://www.science...i/S1350417719310880
Everything is better, except fewer antioxidants. [jutta, Nov 18 2021]

Osma Pro microcavitation extractor https://drinkosma.com/
Makes cold brew from ground espresso. Pre-orders for the next 4,000 units (couldn't find word on ship date) run to $845 [jutta, Nov 18 2021, last modified Dec 22 2021]

Severin Ultrasound Nano etc. etc. etc. https://www.rdworld...ee-and-tea-machine/
I can't find anything about this device other than this particular PR push, so no idea when, if any, this will hit a market. Especially considering that the anti-oxidant claims directly contradict the paper I linked to above. [jutta, Nov 18 2021]

‘Like drinking a music festival’: this is ultrasonic coffee – but does it taste any good? https://www.theguar...lia-scientists-unsw
Australian scientists have developed a method of brewing coffee by blasting ground beans with sound waves – and it produces a powerful cup [a1, May 31 2024]


       Seriously, I would appreciate a test, if anyone has an ultrasonic cleaner tank.
baconbrain, Nov 28 2010

       I'm still working on testing the centrifugal coffee maker (which reminds me...)
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2010

       // Maplin have an ultrasonic cleaner on offer at the moment. //   

       Just from the way that sentence is written I can tell I'm on the wrong continent.
baconbrain, Nov 28 2010

       I doubt using whole beans will work. The gunk cleaning mechanism appears to be a surface-active thing. Grounds, maybe.
daseva, Nov 30 2010

       I'm currently running an ultrasonic humidifier in my household at night - we go through about a gallon of water each night.   

       I wonder if you loaded it with beans and water if it would be down to an espresso analogue in the morning.
normzone, Nov 30 2010

       I don't think a humidifier does the cleaning/extracting aspect that I am after.   

       But if you loaded your humidifier with already-brewed coffee tonight, you might not need your alarm clock in the morning.
baconbrain, Dec 01 2010

       Maybe a powerful ultrasonic device could break the beans up... This might be a way of getting iced coffee without the intermediate hot step.   

       By the way, baconbrain, what do you mean by "goodness"? I thought we only drank coffee because of it's "badness"?
Ling, Dec 01 2010

       Coffee can be decaffienated by the use of CO2 by supercritical fluid extraction; the by-product is (durrrr ....) caffeine.   

       By a clever chemical technique called "mixing", this recovered caffeine could be "added" to unmodified, roasted ground coffee beans. More than sufficient to send you off down the road, twitching, sweating and gibbering (as if anyone would notice the difference).
8th of 7, Dec 02 2010

       I don't see a dollar amount on one, but Maplin seems proud of the fact it weighs just under 30 pounds.
baconbrain, Dec 02 2010

       But if the coffee's ultrasonic, how can you catch up to it to drink it? Wouldn't you need to have the coffee first?
Ander, Nov 28 2021

       You're thinking of supersonic coffee. Ultrasonic coffee is the one that gives you the shakes in the 20+kHz range.
pertinax, Nov 28 2021

       Good catch, [a1].
pertinax, May 31 2024


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