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Underground Train Party Party

Once underground services shut at night, hire tube trains out for parties!
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In London, and I'm sure in other cities around the globe too, 'party' buses can be seen driving around the city centre. These buses are usually full of pissed (US: drunk) people dancing with each other to loud music whilst disco lights flash. If this idea works for buses, why wouldn't it work with underground/tube/subway trains? In London, the underground/tube service shuts down around midnight which leaves at least five hours of potential party time!

Underground trains are significantly longer than most buses so would be the ideal venue for large, mobile nightclub or party type arrangements. Quite simply, the train would drive up and down the track until the end of the party. Actually, the London Underground Circle Line would be ideal as the train could simply go round and round the track!

As there are many cars that make up a tube train, they could each be used for a different 'theme', i.e. rap, europop, 70's/80's/90's indie, rock, techno, etc. One car could be used as the bar and another for the toilets.

Also, a fee could be levied which could be used to further enhance the already fantastic London Underground service!

And Hey, when the morning arrives, the mobile underground party train will even be able to drop you off at the station of your choice so that you can head straight to work!

Has this idea been implemented in other countries? I cannot understand why this idea has not been explored in London....

ccaamgw, Sep 30 2000

(?) Groove Poster http://www.grooveth...PICgrooveart02.html
this pic was taken on San Francisco's underground system [raisin, Sep 30 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) "Space Hijackers" - yes, really. http://www.spacehij...rojects/circle.html
The "hijacking" of a train for a party. "Around 150 people attended the event, not including the passengers who happened to be on, or get on the train. All of whom were given free Vodka, Tequila, and Sweets." Gosh, these people are radical and zany. [hippo, Sep 30 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) 24 hour strike tomorrow - any one need a lift? http://www.thetube.com/
[po, Jul 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Circle Line Party http://circlelineparty.org.uk/
Does exactly what it says on the tin [-alx, Oct 04 2004]


       Liability, likely. Lloyd's London? LOL, later.
thumbwax, Sep 30 2000

       Gives a whole new meaning to "party line".   


       Indeed, Insurance (dancing + acceleration + inebriation = accident).   

       Cleanup (not just litter; how long does it take to get out the smell of booze and sweat and wipe up the spill? Most subways smell of eau d'isifectant to begin with, but this might be worse.)
jutta, Sep 30 2000

       i say party on! sounds like a great idea. at least, i'd go for it. sounds kinda like a booze-cruise. don't know if they have them in the US but over here (ireland) you can hire a boat ( a ferry or something suitably large) to head out to sea and back, with a more than reasonable amount of time allocated to getting skull-fuck-drunk.
FrancoCoylioni, Oct 03 2000

       PARTY! PARTY! Ok, this is cool, I hope this idea spreads to America :)
kester, Nov 30 2000

       The reason that the LU doesn't run overnight is that it needs to be cleaned daily and also for engineerign work. NY gets by this problem by having two lines on each route - they close one while cleaning the other. LU doesn't have this luxury.
stupop, Aug 28 2001

       I think forget the train instead we should bring back the party Balloon and blimp. Vessels like Le Geiant, and the Graf. They could easily fly all night and majority of engineer work can be done while the ship is in flight. And since the power comes from helium instead of Petrolium the ship can fly all night and still be economicly safe. Picture flying in the Graf over Los Angles partying all night.
wood2coal, Aug 28 2001

       ''The longest and most destructive party ever held......."
stupop, Aug 28 2001

       I can see the fun in all this, and believe me I would love to attempt this, though I come from a city where the idea of an underground is somewhat of a novelty (Miami). But I can also see how one stupid idiot can destroy the whole thing. . . terrorist attacks, the aformentioned thought of piss drunk ( or whatever else you might like to be) party goers on a moving train, and even just the security nightmare of soemthing happening, like a fight in an enclosed environment. It's a shame that people just can't have a little fun.   

       "A wizard approaches. . . " -"Party Wierdo" Moloko
Tain, Aug 28 2001

       This rather brings to mind the rather surreal 60s film "The Bedsitting Room" where, after some sort of nuclear holocaust, some of the characters (Arthur Lowe for one I seem to remember) live in a constantly circulating Circle Line train. Anyone else remember that one?
Gordon Comstock, Aug 29 2001

       Something like this is done from time to time in New York City, albeit without the consent of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency. A group of people organizes a party on a certain train line going in a certain direction from a certain stop to a certain other stop at a certain time (late-ish). Hush-hush stuff.   

       People show up just before the appointed time, and board the train, which is then temporarily transformed into a dancing, smoking freak-out.   

       I was chagrined to see the idea used for a TV commercial recently (for a brand of beer or something - can't remember).
snarfyguy, Aug 30 2001

       hmmm, i supose a party on the underground is out of the question because of the engineering but it still seems like a good idea so why not do it on BR. they do their engineering on sundays and freight trains run through the night anyway. why not use a eurostar, they have about 50 coaches and when it gets to france they can just leave it to them to clean up after us. they would have to close the tunnel in the other direction so the french cant do the same to us.
jimalbertfitzgerald, Jul 16 2002

       is it tomorrow there is a 24 hour strike - I am up for it. put me down for bringing the quiche.
po, Jul 16 2002

       Why not just have a dedicated party-train going all the time. That way it wouldn't mess up any other carriage. If only someone had the balls, the contacts and the bucks to do it. I AM SPEAKING TO YOU MR. BRANSON!
thelumberjack, Aug 08 2002

       When I lived in Glasgow, I went to a number of 'after-club' parties in a disused underground train tunnel. Quite a good idea, if perhaps a little unsafe. When you are 250m along a tunnel and a good 50m below ground, you are unlikely to elicit any complains about excessive noise at five in the morning. It made for an interesting entrance to the party, walking along the tunnel in *total* darkness (you couldn't see your hand in front of your face) towards the noise, till you pushed your way through some thick curtains and into a nightclub with a few hundred equally intrepid clubbers. You had to avoid getting too drunk and walking the wrong way out - one path was brief dark stroll to the outside, the other path was a good three miles till the tunnel resurfaced.

(It was off Kelvingrove park to any Glaswegians out there, you can see the tunnel entrance along from The Big Blue near Kelvingrove underground station)
namaste, Aug 08 2002

       Trafalgar Square is off limits, lets party on a tube train.
po, Dec 31 2002

       Happening tonight from 19:30, apparently. See link.
-alx, Mar 14 2003

       so supposedly it's baked.... but there's one last concern....   

       safety? cigarette + alcohol = potential fire hazard? brawl + cramped place = fatal stampede? cramped place = hyperventilation?
LoneRifle, Mar 14 2003


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