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Underwater Sumo

Now there's a reason for those little belts
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lurch, Jun 28 2009

Haiku Week Haiku_20week
Marvellous [8th of 7, Jul 02 2009]


       Very funny. But the bubbles, but what about all those big fat bubbles raising to the surface?
blissmiss, Jun 28 2009

       [+] for the imagery. Would they be allowed to use scuba diving lead weights to keep them down? I imagine sumo wrestlers would typically need a considerable quantity of weights due to their rather low buoyancy. Of course you might want a non-weighted league which would pretty much just bob around, trashing at one another.
imho, Jun 28 2009

       //Would they be allowed to use scuba diving lead weights// Yesterday I was able to go swimming for the first time in almost a decade. I found I had acquired a tendency to float in most undignified positions. I began wishing for a weight belt, which is exactly what triggered this idea.
lurch, Jun 28 2009

       There is an underwater rugby.
Cuit_au_Four, Jun 29 2009

       My brothers and I used to play underwater kung fu at the beach.
zen_tom, Jun 29 2009

       From wikipedia, "Sumo is a competitive contact sport where a wrestler (rikishi) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyô) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet"   

       What counts as out of bounds, for underwater sumo?
goldbb, Jun 29 2009

       I think a weighted hoop, like a hula hoop but regulation size, or other agreed boundary. Or the deep end. Whatever. Just don't bother throwing the salt.
lurch, Jun 29 2009

       Some scientists postulate that may be how the ocean became as salty as it is - thousands of years of underwater sumo salt throwing.
normzone, Jun 29 2009

       .... oops! just hauling off my garbage, tripped over the cat, don't mind me... as you were...
lurch, Jul 02 2009

       [Wily Peyote] The title and the idea itself embody the very Japanese spirit of minimalism, evidenced in ikebana and other decorative arts.
Less can be more.
Look at your own home page - a veritable riot of potential ideas, though something of a duster for potential data miners.
coprocephalous, Jul 02 2009

       Somebody try to write an "home-run" idea in just 9 words: title, summary, and thesis (the minimalist Holy Grail). Now, that'd be a coupe. Is it possible?
Wily Peyote, Jul 02 2009

       I thought I had one but nope :(
FlyingToaster, Jul 02 2009

       // that'd be a coupe //   

       Eh ? A shorter, more powerful version of a standard model ?   

       Haiku ideas ? I think we did that one. <link>
8th of 7, Jul 02 2009


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