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Underwater volleyball

A different skill set
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Played in a large body of water with good visibility.

The playing area is a large rigid sheet of translucent material, far enough below the surface to avoid waves.

The net protrudes downwards from the playing surface. The ball is mildly buoyant. Players wear SCUBA gear.

Apart from that, it's pretty similar to regular volleyball.

8th of 7, Oct 10 2014

Underwater Ice Hockey http://forum.xcitef...-sports-t59545.html
Done breath-holding. Apart from that, it's pretty similar to...well, nothing else. [normzone, Oct 14 2014]

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       And I assume the entire court is about 3 ft square? Since the ability to hit or throw an object through water is rather limited.
MechE, Oct 10 2014

       Everyone is upside-down? A smaller-sized ball might be appropriate here (less water resistance).
Vernon, Oct 10 2014

       Oh Wilson... nooooo   

       Could [MechE]'s objection be met by providing the ball with on-board power, so that what the player mostly supplies to it is direction? Yes, I realize this may indicate a non-spherical ball - maybe resembling a low-speed torpedo.   

       And/or, could we provide the players with an extremely hazardous device for inducing cavitation in the path of the ball? For example, what if one player blasted compressed gas in a particular direction while another tried to get the ball travelling through those gas bubbles?
pertinax, Oct 12 2014

       I actually played this when I was trained in SCUBA. The idea was genius, because they needed to distract people and get them to just breath normally. Once you give them a ball and a purpose, then they relax. We played it in a tank that was 20' x 20' x 20'.
MisterQED, Oct 14 2014


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