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Undo my last 'misdemeanour' key.

to undo the last thing you did wrong, and wished you hadn't done it.
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A very useful key, to undo wrong doings. This key could be implanted into your palm and activated when slapping it against your brow. pens - fire - need I say more.
gizmo, Dec 13 2001

"Edit-Undo" for real-life conversation http://www.halfbake...ersation#1006202190
So nearly half-baked. [gizmo], you might try using it now. [pottedstu, Dec 13 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


gizmo, Dec 13 2001

       sorry, I undid my spelling mistake, thus uning my 'misdemeanour key. It worked.
gizmo, Dec 13 2001

CoolerKing, Dec 13 2001

       What if you just kept pressing it? Would you eventually be always able to cast the first stone? That's tough on everyone else. Would it be mass produced and if so, how much would it cost? I suppose you could steal one with a clear conscience.
notripe, Dec 13 2001

       Where's [gizmo mum]? I want to hear this story...
phoenix, Dec 14 2001

       Thanks, mum. Knew it would be a good one.
phoenix, Dec 14 2001

       i've heard of this before, but i like it, how would it operate properly if you've just opened a virus-containing document though?
iain, Dec 14 2001

       gizmo's idea would be so easy to implement. You just need to make back up copies of world at 10 minute intervals.   

       I'm not sure what happens in situations where you consider your action very bad but other people (like sports opponents) consider it excellent. It would be like doing ^Z^Y^Z^Y^Z^Y^Z^Y^Z^Y^Z^Y over and over again in a Word document (undo-redo) -- fun for a while but ultimately unproductive.
pottedstu, Dec 14 2001

       I could use one of these. Have a croissant.
sven3012, Dec 14 2001

       But your oponent wouldn't know you had hit the undo button. Then you play again and... oh yes, you wouldn't know either and would still lose...
RobertKidney, Dec 14 2001

po, Dec 14 2001

       I'm 35 and just got my first speeding ticket today....for going 74 in a 55 mile zone. This was with a truck and horse trailer....what really stinks is that the officer was so young that I was probably driving a truck and horse trailer 10,000 miles a year when he was still rolling around on a tricycle.....   

       Can I use my "undo key" for this since I have never committed (well, never gotten caught for committing) a misdemeanor....   

       maybe we should give one "free" ticket for every five a person goes without a ticket....then I would have 4 "free tickets" coming.....
Susen, Dec 14 2001

       My sympathies to you, Susen
bristolz, Dec 14 2001

       It might be interesting to try to implement an undo at the operating system level, but it doesn't really seem practical. It would be nice to be able to do things like unclose a program you just shut, remove an e-mail from the outgoing queue, recover that file you just accidentally saved over, etc. Wouldn't be easy to do this, particularly as computing becomes more distributed.   

       Not to worry, Susen. Speeding tickets aren't misdemeanors in most (any?) states. Maybe you can think of all the times you were speeding and didn't get caught as freebies?
francois, Dec 15 2001

       [Susen] And since the officer recorded it at < 20 MPH over the limit it wasn't reckless driving which might have been a misdemeano(u)r. And somewhat more expensive fine-wise.
phoenix, Dec 15 2001

       And the cry was "W.I.B.N.I !" ( I think it is anyway, you recieve the croissant but only coz I could use on of these ).
kaz, Dec 15 2001

       [kaz] leaps in with the voice of rationality and tells us to keep to the rules (although I believe I described above how this could be achieved) and then instantly spoils it by misspelling "receive". Sorry, just being evil today.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       Susen/francois - are you taking 'misdemeanor' in a US-vocab sense to mean a minor illegal action? I thought gizmo and his mum were writing about small misdemeanours in the general sense of naughtiness. Not a major difference; I was only wondering.
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       I would really like to undo the last two hours of the works party, or to be more precise, the alcohol consumed, rusulting in saying "Baked" to every 'work related' idea discussed, so I am told.
arora, Dec 17 2001

       I would have actually liked to undo the moment a couple of weeks before the office party when I came up with the idea for our fancy dress outfits. But that one wouldn't even make it into the 'recent' list of misdemeanours, so I'd have no chance of removing it.

p.s. arora, how are the wisdom teeth doing now?
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       arora: using the word "baked" at work is a good thing, a sign you've got your priorities right. I recall fondly the first time I unthinkingly muttered "baked" in a meeting. It shows you are a true citizen of the bakery.   

       And it's better than the time at my work party I went around with stolen fairy wings and a magic wand casting love spells on everyone (luckily that was only a part-time supermarket job, and everyone already knew I was insane).
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       lg: sorry to say I'm still fully wise, still fully scared and still fully in pain. I should have requested it removing on Saturday night - I wouldn't have batted two shakes of a lambs whisker. pot: Did the spell work?
arora, Dec 17 2001

       No. And the girl I fancied, who I didn't cast a spell on, bizarrely got the idea that I, running round with little silver wings on my back, was gay. *sigh*
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       What?! So gay men have little glittery fairy wings, do they?! That's absolutely outrageous stereotyping, and furthermore I'll have you know that - Oh, wait a minute - I *do* have a set of little glittery fairy wings. Where's that 'undo' button when you need it?   

       Ah, but plastics and gas fires! That takes me back. I remember my own experiment with a margarine tub and a gas cooker when I were a lad. Wanted to see the tub revert to its original flat disk, you see. Dropped it on the cooker, you see. Strangely similar outcome to young gizmo's experiment. Just goes to show the validity of the experiment (repeatability and predictability).
Guy Fox, Dec 17 2001


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