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Unexpected Anatomy Password

Type a password using particular parts of the body other than the digits
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This would require a keyboard whose keys are sensitive to what part of the body is touching them or a correctly positioned imaging device such as a camera which can recognise which bits of the human are touching which bits of the keyboard.

Anyway, so you have this password, which needn't be particularly complex, e.g. you don't need to have combinations of letters, numbers, symbols and different cases, but what you do need is to type the characters using the tip of your nose, your elbows, knees, toes, elbows, chin, earlobes, elbows, ankles or elbows. There could possibly be some kind of machine learning technique which would enable the computer to distinguish your arse from your elbow.

This is of course a really bad idea because it would be really easy to spot someone constantly leaning on and bashing their head on the computer.

It should also be extended to ATMs.

nineteenthly, Dec 25 2018


       // It should also be extended to ATMs //   

       It should ? Will that not limit the use of ATMs to males, and result in prosecutions for public indecency ?   

       On the plus side, it would encourage sales of Sildenafil.   

       Iris- and retinal-recognition software is Baked and WKTE but unique identification of a One-Eyed Trouser Snake would be quite different ...
8th of 7, Dec 25 2018

       //Will that not limit the use of ATMs to males// Not necessarily. Women have a couple of things going for them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2018

       That would be Sturton and the Intercalary, would it not ?
8th of 7, Dec 25 2018

       Here, have this cymbal sting that I found lying around on another post.   

       Actually, the intercalary has just come out as grey.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2018

       I wouldn’t ever want to use a public machine keyboard again.
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2018

       // public //   

       Or do you mean "pubic" ? Hur hur hur ...
8th of 7, Dec 26 2018

       Pubic hair print is fine. But also, everyone should be scanned by the police for distinctive anatomical features. Besides that, if you pursue the need for arousal to tap the keys, ultimately you become an ATM-ophile and eventually breed a race of cash machine-human hybrids. That's the dream.
nineteenthly, Dec 26 2018

       You might possibly want to think about taking those meds at a different time of day then...
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2018

       Sildenafil you mean? One might, not me though obviously.
nineteenthly, Dec 26 2018

       Am I the only one that noticed "your elbows,.. elbows,.. elbows,.. or elbows"; or just the only one that cared to comment on it?
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 27 2018

       elbow must be equivalent to e
wjt, Dec 27 2018

       Chicken-dance authentication is implied, and something about ox-bow lakes on rhe Elbe.
pertinax, Dec 28 2018

       I was merely celebrating the beauty and eroticism of an unsung body part, [neutrinos_shadow].
nineteenthly, Dec 28 2018


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