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Universal Laptop Dock for smartphone

Screen, keyboard and battery for cell phone
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A universal version of the DOA overpriced Atrix Laptop dock. It will look just like a netbook with a keyboard and a 10" screen, but instead of a mouse pad or wrist rest there will be a interchangeable dock for your phone. i.e. A raw space that accepts an insert that is tailored to specific models. This would make your phone the mouse pad and the dock would only have enough hardware to display the phones screen on the display, use the larger keyboard as the keyboard, have an extra battery and a recoiling charging cable.

Ideally, I would like it to be a high res touchscreen, that would be an auxiliary display for the phone, or a hi-res screen where the phone displays only a small window of the whole display and tells all the software that you have a high res display, but really I'd just like the option of using a real keyboard and a real display for a while as my phone recharges and I'd like this whole setup to be CHEAP and LIGHT, so just minimal keyboard, minimal display, extra battery and a charger.

An alternate ULTRA low cost version would replace the screen with a Fresnel lens and hold the phone at the right spot behind the lens, then all you need is a keyboard and mouse. I know they used to sell something like this for old personal gaming devices.

MisterQED, Feb 07 2011

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