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Universal Cellphone Airbag

one-size-fits-all protective device
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Every time one is forced to upgrade one's cellphone, a protective cell phone case is never included in the purchase price, and the old case never fits the new phone.

Enter the Universal Cellphone Airbag, modeled on the Hövding airbag helmet for cyclists. The UCA fits around the outside edge of the cellphone where it remains inert until the UCAapp detects sudden acceleration toward the floor, whereupon it deploys, encircling the phone, saving the entire phone including the very-expensive screen.

Strong thin nylon construction allows use of the buttons while the airbag lies inert around the phone. The ripstop nylon is textured to provide better grip on your phone. The edge of the airbag is anchored at the charging port with tiny bungees, so the port is unobstructed on any size cell phone.

Sold in packs of 3, so that you get 3 chances to adjust to your new phone's weight/dimensions.

Sgt Teacup, Oct 19 2018


       This entire idea got deleted. Perhaps it was the excitement of Legalization Day here in Canada.   

       Let's try again.   

       From my notes:   

              Actually quite baked. See link. — RayfordSteele, Oct 17 2018 [delete]      

              The linked device, while useful, bears little resemblance to this idea. — Voice, Oct 17 2018 [delete]      

              Well so it is, [Ray]. Imagine.      

              Do I delete this idea, or will it biodegrade? — Sgt Teacup, Oct 18 2018 [edit, delete]      

              You decapitate it and put its head on a spike as a warning to others. — 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 18 2018 [delete]   
Sgt Teacup, Oct 19 2018


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