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Unlucky Dip

Disappoint your children on their special day!
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The Unlucky Dip is a barrel of wrapped-up 'surprises'. Children (adults can play too) line up to take their turn and reach into the barrel and grab a 'present'.

However, all the 'prizes' are in fact turds, potatoes, dead birds, bricks and other junk - hence, the unlucky dip. Just imagine their faces...

serendipity, Aug 16 2001

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       A fine notion. Shock the acquisitive little sods back into the real world.
angel, Aug 16 2001

       You obviously haven't seen the fun children have with dead birds and bricks.
-alx, Aug 16 2001

       How cruel and tasteless. I don't know who hit you with the pastry, but you get a gross of fish skeletons from me for this clunker
Sparki, Aug 16 2001

       However, if the children (or adults) have a grain of sense they will revenge themselves by pelting the perpetrator with their 'prizes'. Or as the kids say, "I'm rubber, you're glue: bounces off me and sticks to you!"
Dog Ed, Aug 16 2001

       After the first couple of unlucky souls have unwrapped their present, the rest of the happy throng will have sussed the whole thing out and either gone home or beaten you up. I think that this idea needs more work. Fishbone.
DrBob, Aug 17 2001

       Baked. We hide assorted vegetables/mis-shapen items in grocery packing boxes and smear slimy or textured stuff on them. The game is to put your hands in to the box (covered so you can't see, obviously) and figure out what it is. The particularly elongate Butternut Squash pasted with margarine was a hit! (btw, I should mention that this is a game played with adults)
lewisgirl, Aug 17 2001

       And don't forget used condoms...
CrazyGordon47, Mar 18 2007


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