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Unstealable umbrella

It will be there when you need it
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I got all wet waiting for the bus this morning, because every one of our five umbrellas is under my wife's desk at work. I'd buy another, but if I had a million they would all end up there anyway.

Here's why it isn't a rant; I was thinking: What if I had some sort of umbrella she was embarassed to carry, but I wasn't? The problem is that while I might not want to carry a bright pink umbrella with My Little Ponies all over it, there is no equivalent for just dudes and not ladies. Yes, the dudes are now the ones with the strict gender construct.

But anyway, my company will print your huge smiling likeness across the top of the umbrella, along with the text "I'm this guy [img] Or an umbrella thief".

GutPunchLullabies, Nov 15 2007

Hooters Umbrella http://www.hootersg...spx?webitem_seq=646
[MisterQED, Nov 15 2007]


       Or you could integrate a saline spray so that any steel would rust away. Oh, steal. I see. Good [+].
vincevincevince, Nov 15 2007

       Put some boobies on that 'brella. Oooo...how about one that makes a farting sound every few seconds, that'd keep the wife away from it.
Noexit, Nov 15 2007

       + very cute, maybe some fake rips and grease stains to go along with your photo.
xandram, Nov 15 2007

       Would your wife steal an umbrella made from duct tape?
Canuck, Nov 15 2007

       How about one sponsered by Hooters? Send them a note, they might make it for you, or it may already exist. Or how about one that opens with a key? I was going to say combination, but she'd just ask for that.
MisterQED, Nov 15 2007

       Just put holes in it with a little lever that you can pull to cover all the holes. She'll never figure it out.. When she says, why does that umbrella have holes in it? You just say, cause it's a leafbrella dear... what's for dinner?
daseva, Nov 15 2007

       According to the Hooters link, they also do pre-school tee-shirts. Does that strike anyone else as sick?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 15 2007

       The danger with putting holes in the umbrella is that she'd throw it out because it's broken.   

       Unless you cover the holes with duct tape.
Canuck, Nov 16 2007

       I'm sure there are a few companies in this vein, Trojan Condoms is the other I thought of.
MisterQED, Nov 16 2007

       Nobody would want to steal an umbrella made one out of lead.
nuclear hobo, Nov 16 2007

       Get an umbrella that says "Does this umbrella make my butt look huge?" all over it. Guaranteed she'll never, ever use it for anything other than beating you about the head and shoulders, or maybe fishing a lost earring from under the fridge, where it will come out all covered in dust and food particles and dried fridge sweat.
Canuck, Nov 16 2007


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