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Telescoping Auto Adjusting Height Management Umbrella Device
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A bluetooth or otherwise networked height adjustment mechanism on the umbrella that automatically adjusts its height in relationship to others, so that you don't have to think about lowering or raising them as you walk in a crowd of other umbrella bearers.

Working in tandem, you can imagine a throng of people, umbrellas in hand, walking down a rainy streat, all the umbrellas rising and falling in unison like in some Chinese Olympics demonstration, all in automated fashion, and...no one loses an eye.

theircompetitor, Oct 29 2008

Height-adjusted umbrellas Height-adjusted_20umbrellas
To make them all the same altitude. [phoenix, Oct 29 2008]

Telescopic Umbrella Telescopic_20Umbrella
To make them all 7' tall. [phoenix, Oct 29 2008]


       It would need a very, very complex management system constantly update and to co-ordinate the constantly changing interactions. Easily achieved, until someone drops something, then bends down to pick it up.... all in all a totally halfbaked idea, and attracting this tasty croissant.
xenzag, Oct 29 2008

       A great image.
wagster, Oct 29 2008

       Didn't Mary Poppins use the principal of the constantly adjusting umbrella to fly.
theGem, Oct 29 2008

       But if your umbrella is above others in a packed crowd, then you are still getting wet from other people's run-off.   

       I hate umbrellas in crowded areas. Their usage in such a situation demonstrates human idiocy and selfishness in all its grotesque glory.
Texticle, Oct 30 2008


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