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Unused Ball Anti-Hair Plucker

Boink - Yeeeouch!
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Waking up this morning, at the usual grogginess level, engaged in the usual morning routine, I took a refreshing eye-opening shower. Though more alert than I was 5 minutes prior, I once again did not notice...

Unwittingly, I raised a brand spankin’ new bottle of roll-on to my underarm. Due to the lubrication-barren upward facing surface of the sphere, it rotated only enough to snag a strand between itself and the side of the bottle, thus violating an innocent follicle.

A narrow hex key connected to the ball through a self-sealing hole on the side of the bottle with a large obvious handle would solve this problem. There’s no way I wouldn’t notice. Turn upside down, crank the key a few times, pull and discard. - Never have to wake up that fast again.

Shz, Jul 21 2003


       Do you have a link for that bliss? I can’t find one. Also, a deodorant dispenser with no moving parts sounds like something to be found on the 2B^-1 but not in the real world. <genuinely curious>
Shz, Jul 22 2003

       The wheel at the bottom of the container in that link is connected to a corkscrew shaped moving part embedded in the ‘stick’. Speed Stick was originally made for men, not recently. And less waste? - I don’t get it, but the idea here is not about sticks.
Shz, Jul 23 2003

       shz, I sympathise. would wetting it under the shower help? perhaps a steam powered roller-ball deodorant? chuck on coal, take on water... grandfather was on the trains, sorry. its in the blood.
po, Jul 23 2003


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