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Upgraded faucet

Skin temperature sensing adjustment
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Add a non-contact surface temperature sensing device to a faucet to have a wider variety of temperatures available for automatic faucets.

It would be nice to come in from shoveling snow and thrust your hands under an automatic tap and have it sense that your hands are nearly froze and adjust the temp up 5-10 degrees or a bit more than a mixing valve allows. Opposite in a hot summer also.

Add the sensor alongside the motion detector and couple to the mixer with a small servo motor perhaps with set points so as not to scald with too hot water.

nth, Nov 09 2005


       Interesting idea. If you had a faucet which was only going to be used for handwashing, then fine. Otherwise there's a lot of different requirements which the tap - sorry, faucet - might not give the right response for (defrosting frozen food, for example)   

       And anyway, If I have really cold hands then I'd want the water to start off slightly colder and warm up, so it's not so much of a shock.
moomintroll, Nov 09 2005

       You could add a vibration sensor, and every time the faucet is violently banged on, it toggles to the next setting.
placid_turmoil, Nov 11 2005


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