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Upper Atmosphere Gas Expansion Generator

Weather balloons expand until they burst in upper atmosphere
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High altitude weather balloons are inflated with helium on the ground and carry vaccum canisters on strings. The balloons reach the lennuf* of the suborbital near-space blimp station where they slip through a yielding sphincter into the massive blimp envelope where they continue expanding until they burst. The sphincter closes around the strings and snips them each time. At any one time the blimp may contain dozens of weather balloon bubbles nudging past eachother until they burst. The envelope of the blimp is constructed of bellows folds that expand and contract generating electric power with many thousands reverse solenoid piston reciprocators. An air pump constantly runs filling the helium canisters with excess helium constantly maintaining median pressure in the envelope. The canisters drop to Earth's surface where they are used to refill the constant supply of balloons.

* reverse funnel

rcarty, Apr 23 2013

"...a very smart guy who will fight you. That's no lie..." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Rcarty
[normzone, Apr 26 2013]


       funnily enough the tagline as i read this idea was: "Not from concentrate"...
4whom, Apr 25 2013

       You're assuming the energy needed to recompress the helium is less than the energy gained from solenoid piston reciprocators.   

       What's a solenoid piston reciprocator and how can it generate so much energy?
Madai, Apr 25 2013

       // You're assuming the energy needed to recompress the helium is less than the energy gained from solenoid piston reciprocators.// careful [Madai], you are stepping on hallowed Hullabaloon habitation.
4whom, Apr 25 2013

       I don't get it, but I like it. +
dev45, Apr 26 2013

rcarty, Apr 26 2013

       You say that like you know what it means, after demonstrating you don't.
lurch, Apr 26 2013

       After submitting ideas here for over ten years? This is and has alwayss been a site for poorly thought out ideas. You pack up your things and get the hell out of here.   

       Can't users just answer their own questions instead of posing questions as if they are the crucial flaws in the poorly thought out idea. Anyone can say anytthing but instead of imaginative suggestions it's usually nit picking at what is really a pointillism of nits.
rcarty, Apr 26 2013

       "Poorly thought out" isn't the sum total of the qualifications.   

       //Generally, the more you know (and can explain!) about the technology behind your invention, the more interesting the posting will be.//   

       //bad science - the invention is intended as a serious suggestion, but is based on scientific "facts" that are widely known to be wrong. This includes perpetuum mobiles, cloned fingerprints, and inhaling helium to make you fly. Or as Homer Simpson puts it, "In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!"//   

       //Get over your frustration, delete the non- starter if you want, and come back when you've got another invention - serious or funny - you want to try out. It's okay. If the other users were always funny, they'd be highly acclaimed comedy writers and have no time to hang out on a website.//   

       Go ahead. Delete me.
lurch, Apr 26 2013

       What? You've proven nothing just copy pasted from help file.   

       What is this about, filling the helium canisters? The energy required? It's a massive space blimp powered by violently exploding balloons and 2Quest needs someone to explain how the coffee machine works in the balloonists lounge.
rcarty, Apr 26 2013

       <shock and awe>How did you know where that was from?</saa>
lurch, Apr 26 2013

       Being that incredulous is really only suggestive of your intellect.
rcarty, Apr 26 2013

       The expansion and compression of gasses in a closed loop is not a source of energy. Since there is no external power source in this idea, and it involves motion, it is, by definition, a perpetual motion machine. Therefore [Marked-For-Deletion] Bad Science.   

       There is a difference between poorly thought out and unworkable.
MechE, Apr 26 2013

       Annoying. Don't you see how the bursting balloons are the power source? You can't just say something dumb and call it a scientific principle. Whatever in this schematic is causing the balloons to expand is the power source. Do you think magic is doing that dumbass?
rcarty, Apr 26 2013

normzone, Apr 26 2013

       The balloons burst due to the expansion of gasses at lower pressures. Said gasses are then re-compressed into cylinders. This takes more energy than the expansion provides. Closed loop, no energy input. Net result, this doesn't work.
MechE, Apr 27 2013


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