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Upside-down and backwards speedreading.

For people who like to know what happens.
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In this speedreading contest participants are given a paperback they have not read, flip it and rotate it, then read starting from the back. After a period they are tested on what they have read. I suspect that the brain will get rewired to recognize the words upsidedown and backwards, and the reading speed will reach near normal.

This manner of reading will be more normal that that currently used by people who start at the back of the book, in which they jump back and then move forwards, leading to discontinuous blocks of texts and the prior page does not follow the page you just finished.

bungston, Aug 15 2011

Spoilers http://www.wired.co...Top+Stories+2%29%29
some folks start at the end. But why not continue from there? Sequence is just a construct of the mind. [bungston, Aug 15 2011]

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       Sequence is not (just) a construct of the mind but a reconstruction of structure. Because the mind has to reconstruct basically everything things can be pretty jumbly and gestalty and the mind can usually do it. The mind can also do a pretty crumby job of reconstructing things too, so this idea will really put the reader to the test in many cases.
rcarty, Aug 15 2011

       this will work! I'm not sure
pashute, Aug 16 2011

       Sure it will! I'm not.
mouseposture, Aug 17 2011

       I can already read upside down and backwards (ie: 180 degree rotation) at probably half normal speed (maybe more - it's not like I've measured it). Mirrored is a little harder; left/right flip (vertical axis) is a bit easier than top/bottom (horizontal axis). The main problem is English letter pairs like bd, pq, ae (depending on font), mw (font..).
Shirley I'm not completely weird for this ability?
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 17 2011

       I had a speedreading program that would flash phrases in front of you at lightning speed. I wonder how my comprehension would be affected if I were to start reading the words in reverse order?   

       Finished just you page the follow not does page prior the and texts of blocks discontinuous to leading forwards move then and back jump they which in, book the of back the at start who people by used currently that that normal more be will reading of manner this.   

       normal near reach will speed reading the and backwards, and upsidedown words the recognize to rewired get will brain the that suspect I. Read have they what on tested are they period a after. Back the from starting read then, it rotate and it flip, read not have they paperback a given are participants contest speedreading this in.
RayfordSteele, Aug 18 2011


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