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Uranus Day

Brighten up those twilight years
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The planet Uranus takes approximately 30799 earth days to complete one orbit of the sun. This is about 84 years and 118 days.

With an increasingly elderly population, many people are now living to become octagenarians, and thus candidates for celebrating this astronomical milestone.

Let us therefore promulgate the idea of Uranus Day, with parties and cards.

My own Uranus Day will be Sunday, 26 July 2043, though I am unlikely to see it, as none of my parents or grandparents made it past 80.

The following link will be useful in calculating your Uranus Day.

Mickey the Fish, Aug 15 2012

Date Calculator http://www.timeandd...m/date/dateadd.html
[Mickey the Fish, Aug 15 2012]


       Have you been away for a while, [MtF]? - I can't remember seeing you around for a bit. Anyway, great idea, although I worry slightly at the shape of the novelty birthday cake that might be produced to celebrate your Uranus day.
hippo, Aug 15 2012

       [+]. I actually think people should celebrate birthdays based on the planet associated with their sun sign, which for me means i'd only do it once. By the time it comes around again, a new supercontinent will have formed. It'd work for most others.
nineteenthly, Aug 15 2012

       Yay! Nice to see distant solar-system bodies getting due recognition. Up Uranus!
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 15 2012

       In older times, it was normal for about 1/3 to 1/2 of all children to die (mostly from disease) before the age of 2. Some parents didn't even bother naming their children before then.   

       Mars has an orbit of about 2 years. So, imagine an old culture that had a "Mars Day", in which surviving children were named.   

       The biggest asteroid is Ceres, and I think I once read that if you know exactly where to look, and have good eyesight, then it is sometimes visible to the naked eye. Its orbit lasts 4.61 years. Many children begin formal pre-schooling about that time....   

       Jupiter's orbit is 11.86 years, and children tend to begin entering "middle school" about that time....   

       Saturn's orbit is 29.7 years, and we all know how lots of people don't want to admit being older than 30.... Perhaps THAT is the best time for such an over-the-hill party!
Vernon, Aug 15 2012

       Mine happens to land on a Monday. Bummer.
RayfordSteele, Aug 15 2012

       Jupiter Saturn Uranus, Sun.
UnaBubba, Aug 15 2012

       [Vernon] I like that - you could now add some made-up science and combine it with "Elementology"
hippo, Aug 16 2012

       //Jupiter Saturn Uranus, Sun.// You Ceres?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 16 2012

       You better sit on your anus, son?   

       Fitting idea as death is when we pass through the anus of life. The end, so to speak.
rcarty, Aug 16 2012

       [+] Yay, mine is on a Sunday in July! I hope I have a tan! I could possibly make it, as I would be 84 and my parents are older than that now!
xandram, Aug 16 2012

       I can see my reaction to somebody telling me it's Uranus day when I'm 84. "It's my what day?"
doctorremulac3, Aug 16 2012

       Ceres? Certainly, You should make sure you have a Titan before you sit down. It can be Helene your Rhea. Ophelia pain.
UnaBubba, Aug 16 2012

       Blimey! Mickey the Fish! [+]
Blimey again! Monday, 1 June 2054. That would make me 84 - I hope I still have my own teef.
gnomethang, Aug 16 2012

       Cripes! It will be close to mid-century when mine comes around. I suppose I'll make it.
UnaBubba, Aug 16 2012

       I though this was going to be about regular checkups with a proctologist.
nuclear hobo, Aug 19 2012

       This was fun! And depressing. [+]
Grogster, Aug 19 2012


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