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Wood and Nail Day

Celebration day marking the relationship between mankind,wood and nails.
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July 30.

Required: One hammer,several nails and hard wearing baggy overalls.

Find a tree and nail yourself to it.

Town and City trees may get very crowded.

skinflaps, Mar 26 2017


       Nail Yourself to a Tree Day will be very popular with rapists and thieves.   

       Audubon Society won't like it, if they are not in a "Let us destroy a chainsaw" mood.
popbottle, Mar 26 2017

       Is it Passover already?
RayfordSteele, Mar 26 2017

       Nearly, but there's no reason to get all cross about it.
8th of 7, Mar 26 2017

       Won't somebody think of the trees?...   

       //Won't somebody think of the trees?//   

       The old Oak, " Seed, It's been an eternity since I felt the needle that tears a hole, and ain't it great, young reach." " Ahhh pops, again, again." , " Same time next layer " creaked the old one.
wjt, Mar 27 2017

       If this were to turn into a reality celebration show.I presume it would be called "Big Tree" with the motto "You never can get the last nail in"
skinflaps, Mar 27 2017

       Araucaria araucana plantations, will most probably be infested with troops of monkeys putting the nail and hammer problem into practice by developing undergarments and nailing themselves to the trees.
skinflaps, Mar 27 2017


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