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Urinal Flush Inducer

Why is there no Public: restroom category?
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A swivelling nozzle attached to urinals with a motion sensor. If the motion sensor detects you leaving without flushing, you get a 5ml squirt on your clothes of whatever happens to be in the urinal at the time.
21 Quest, May 10 2013

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       Uh, what urinals still have manually-operated flushes? Surely they all either (a) have one of those IR sensors or (b) in areas of heavy usage, are set to flush at regular times?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2013

       The local Greyhound/Amtrak station still has manual flush urinals, as well as most fueling stations and restaurants. The problem with automated flushing systems is the fact that they encourage the habit of 'fire and forget', a habit which is carried into places with manual flushing handles. Because toilets are such a low-tech innovation and are found in almost every public and private building, manual flushing will likely never go away entirely. So what we need is a method to encourage folks to pay attention to the sort of receptacle into which they are eliminating and do the right thing. If you can't be arsed to make sure your toilet will get flushed, then perhaps a spray of your own leavings will motivate you sufficiently.
21 Quest, May 10 2013

       // manual flushing will likely never go away entirely. So what we need is a method to encourage folks//

       So, it makes more sense to install a sensor, nozzle swiveller and squirter than it does to install a flush sensor?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2013

       This could fit better in Public:Education:Discipline
piluso, May 10 2013

       this system will, of course, occasionally squirt children in the face with piss. Something of a PR nightmare/triumph.
bs0u0155, May 10 2013

       //Why is there no Public: restroom category?//

       Try Science: Health: Public Bathroom: Urinal.
ytk, May 10 2013

       Gosh, really? Science? Well, ok...
21 Quest, May 10 2013


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