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Telescopic sight to help urine aim for men.
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As I was reading the idea Urinal Slot Machine (see link) I was thinking, the problem with hitting the bullseye described in this idea is that, unlike when shooting a gun, it is not possible (for normal people anyway) to sight "down the barrel" as it were. This makes aim significantly less accurate.

Behold, the Urina-Scope. The Urina-Scope is a telescopic sight for use to assist urine aim.

The Urina-Scope is attached with velcro straps to the aim-challenged mans genitalia.

On the top side of the Urina-Scope is a glass window which, using a prism and mirror arrangment, is able to show an image on a glass screen (resembling that used in box cameras) of the view towards the bullseye in the urinal. This is shown in close up by the use of lenses in a similar configuration to those used in a standard telescopic gun sight. There is a cross-hair and graticule on this glass screen.

In use, upon starting urinating, the stream is lined up with the bullseye with the aid of the crosshair.

Deluxe versions include:

Nightvision scope, for pissing in the dark.

Laser "dot" sight. For special-forces style covert attacks.

Built-in wind speed and direction compensation, for pissing in the wind.

Remote-camera version. The scope has a wireless-enabled camera that can feed either to a remote video monitor or one installed in a pair of glasses. In the case of the remote monitor, this could be combined with an earpiece for feedback from the remote monitor operators to feed such essential instructions as "left a bit, right a bit" etc.

webfishrune, Oct 17 2006

Urinal Slot Machine Urinal_20Slot_20Machine
[webfishrune, Oct 17 2006]

Todger Torch Todger_20Torch
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       A bun purely for the imagery of someone sitting there going "left a bit, right a bit".
jtp, Oct 17 2006

       //This should revolutionize the porn industry//   

       To do that you need the super-miniature version with is implanted sub-dermaly.
webfishrune, Oct 18 2006

       A laser dot should do just as well. Insead of mirrors & prisms, the image can be transferred by fiber optics; or use the same tech that doctors are using now for small evasive surgery
the great unknown, Dec 21 2006

       I get the feeling this idea was proposed by a woman... am I correct? Aiming becomes second nature for most guys, especially if any unlucky insect happens to be flying around the bowl.
andrew1, Sep 04 2007


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