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Urinal Slot Machine

Encourage Better Aiming.
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A middle value coin is inserted to start the game. Lights flash and bells jingle. The bottom/back of the urinal is decorated with a bullseye style target. If the entire stream hits the center of the target then a happy little bell rings and twice the payment is returned at flushing time. If the stream varies between the bullseye and the innermost ring, then the payment is returned. If the stream hits the outside these areas, a nasty little buzzer sounds and the payment is forfeit.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 17 2006


       Between this and Urinal puzzles, and remembering when I was drunk and trying to get the cigarette butt all the way down to the drain*, I think that a marble in a maze might be fun. Flushing resets the marble.   

       *Some urinals are almost like pissing against the wall, with a long trough at the bottom. I don't know if they are like that in every country.
Ling, Oct 17 2006

       Well [sparks] that could just be enhanced by decorating the bowl with painted on coins. If you are too drunk to figure out which tray to pull coins from, you deserve the mockery you get from fellow pissers.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 03 2007


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