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Level the playing field
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This is a science campain to take back the seventh planet. If any of the eight planets is at risk of falling into lack of attention it is the formerly precariously pronounceable but now fully embraceable "urine-anus". In order to full-forward-escape the problem of Uranus either being pronounceable like urine or like anus, we should just pronounce it like both and thus raise its profile by associating it with openness, sex positivity and an assult on fear and prudery.
JesusHChrist, Dec 26 2014


       Not really a fan of the sex positive, that's like having your sexual decisions being made for you. I'm sex neutral given how sex positivism goes way overboard into even absolute consent. And sex negativism is among other things bitterness. Neutrality isn't being neutered but its a better position to say yes and no from, especially if there is social pressure to do anything, which sex positivism is: a social pressure. think about how someone is made to feel if they don't have sex, wont or can't, are they gay, a loser, a conservative (individualist*, religious etc.), a whatever? THAT's not language we use in public!! The most bold condemnation is that its massively distributed and institutionally supported rape given how a culture can override the will especially when it is prescribed by therapists. Either that or you're proselytizing to horny masses on your social outings. So a sex neutral person will likely have some more agency rather than being a heavenly bodily mass revolutionary movement campaigner like urine-anus which is really about pee and poo being naughty and sexually related, but in a dual functionary way.   

       *Individualist is conservative in the sense that in dialectical politics liberalism has moved towards social democracy or something. But I think that's a classification error and that individualism must be by definition liberal, and not dialectical. Social democrats are congregationalists basically so someone somewhere sometime has urine-anused or planetary mass moved, or butt-rutted politics. If you can butt-rut politics you can, I'm not saying anything against it. Congregationalism shouldn't be looked at in any sort of ethnic or religious sense, but namely in that it results in tyranny of the majority and stuff like that.
rcarty, Dec 26 2014

       Uranus, urine, rain, are all the same root. My astronomy prof pronounced it "urine-us" (IIRC).   

       "oorahnoos" could probably pass muster even with a room of 8 year olds of any age.
FlyingToaster, Dec 26 2014

       This bad pun was already in the movies: (from Wikipedia )   

       "One Uranus commercial touts the amazing properties of its space-age polymer product "Brown 25" (which looks suspiciously like human feces): "It has the strength of steel, the flexibility of rubber, and the nutritional value of beef stew."   

       The Groove Tube was originally released with an X rating."
popbottle, Dec 26 2014

       Actually, individualist is not a word you use in public, because there was a public issue that involved schizophrenia that can be seen in some cases as public displays of social unacceptability which is the main social information source against these public however unusual people. So there is sort of a thing about individualist and public that has a lot to do with Rand, but more in an out of control reactionary way and opportunistic way against utilitarian ethical egoism that dominated some aspect of the entire public sphere, and overlapped with schizophrenia as a public issue also. So the death of the public is connected to death of the social which some predict is immanent as possible explosion of antipublic meaning which also encompasses the disabled, and the rest of the public sphere as an insidious social information power that even commands the minds of public workers in all filing cabinet tiers causes a trajectory of everything social into a public domain where reactionary physics occurs where simply a greater public is formed in a relatively unchanging mass. Anyway the Anna Freud thing is more of a benchmark in time, rather than an important device for destroying the ego, the new ego that forms is either collective or anticollective, and usually those who offend the mechanisms are targeted by antimeme in the new ego defences. But possibly collective egos are anti-memetic towards reactionary adaptions.
rcarty, Dec 26 2014

       However there's a distinct possibility that the new name could be mis-heard as "You're an anus," which will inevitably lead to brawling at institutes of higher learning.
AntiQuark, Dec 31 2014

       I would like to start the New Year by pointing out that this is not an invention either but somehow gets more buns than genuine inventions.
4and20, Dec 31 2014

       I'd like to point out that the buns don't matter.
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2015


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