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Use fracking to prevent earthquakes

Lick them earthquakes jiu-jitsu style
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As everyone knows, fracking causes a lot of problems, including earthquakes. Likewise a geothermal power plant near Basel was stopped after the first prospections because some minor earthquakes had occured.

In my layman's understanding, an earthquake occurs when two or more tectonical plates press against each other with such a force that they burst apart, bringing havoc and desaster. So to stop in their tracks the pressure should be reduced. And the most convenient means are artificially induced minor earthquakes which do not much harm.

So while other ecological aspects of fracking are still quite alarming, the earthquakes for which this technique may be responsible should count on the plus side and not against it.

Toto Anders, Aug 29 2015

You can't actually prevent earthquakes regularly_20scheduled_20earthquakes
But you can make them small enough to ignore (and frequently ignorible, too). [Vernon, Aug 30 2015]

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       Trump for president!
JesusHChrist, Aug 30 2015

       //Trump for president!// I already did.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 30 2015


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