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User Friendly Interface For Ebook Readers

A intuitive interface for lazy ebook reader based on the Ipod circle
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Hi and welcome to my first idea!

This little idea is here to help make ebook page flipping a more intuitive affair.

The interface sits on the bottom right of the ebook (e.g. Libra)

It has a Circle with a bar on a tangent; in the middle there is a button, which you press on. To spin quickly for a page, you move your thumb around the circle like an Ipod. However for normal reading of a single page, you move your finger up and down the bar.

..--.../ (Enter) /....\/ (Enter) \..../ (Enter) ..--/ (Enter) .../ (Enter)

Since I don't have an image server this picture shall do. The picture above represents the interface outline. Ignore the '.' and treat '\' '/' '--' as part of a thick line. (Edit, apparently this place doesn't support text artwork. To see picture past it in your comment box and substute each '(enter)' sign with a real enter)

Hopefully this shall make the adoption of an Ebooks as a medium of choice more achievable. For it shall be a win for the environment.

This idea is now declared to be open source, with a license that you are not allowed to patent this idea. (This is to prevent other companies, from shunning others from using it)

Have a nice day :)

P.S. Can someone make me a picture for this thanks

mofosyne, Mar 15 2006

immediate image uploading plus sharing absent copy protection tinypic.com
[beanangel, Oct 23 2008]




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