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E-Reader that learns how fast you read.
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When reading a dead tree book, you can tell how much further you have to go by the thickness of pages left.

When reading an e-reader, it might show a percentage, or a page count, but the feedback isn't as concrete. I would think it would be relatively simple for the e- reader to learn your reading speed (and possibly adjust it for different genres/writing levels). With that information, it should be able to display an approximate time to the end of the next chapter, the next section, and the end of the book.

This could be updated with every page turn, and thus shouldn't require a significant amount of battery power.

MechE, Aug 14 2012

Inspired By Inflatable_20progress_20display
[MechE, Aug 14 2012]

Apparently now Baked http://www.amazon.c...ead=Tx2DGLTTSK0XMEN
[MechE, Apr 15 2013]


       Obvious, brilliant, simple.
RayfordSteele, Aug 14 2012

       [Big] Many book formats already have chapter information included to allow for a hyperlinked table of contents, so that should provide at least the primary information.
MechE, Aug 14 2012

       It might cause me to rush or feel harried in some way, but as a really inventive customizable option [+]
4and20, Aug 14 2012

       Just bumping my own idea to add a link. Anyone think Amazon owes me royalties?
MechE, Apr 15 2013

       By posting in this forum you've made it available in the public domain, so you've forfeited any claim to royalties.
whlanteigne, Apr 15 2013

       I was joking. Given the timing, they almost definitely had the idea in development before I posted. It really is kind of an obvious one.
MechE, Apr 15 2013


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