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Vacuum Tube

Because I dont need all that hot air...
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Jim decided that a big old vacuum tube (and with constant magnet buggy) would be more useful running past his house than into the upper atmosphere.


All he needs is a tower walking distance from his place that will allow him to get some momentum up (because he isn't going to get any purchase with the maglev buggy).

Once in motion nothing will slow him down so he could go all the way to his mums for tea (and to pick up some clean clothes) ...

[So clearly trains on mars (or the moon) work better]

madness, Nov 16 2009


       So yo want a vacuumpressure lossless motion 'road network'?   

       So people are going to get dressed in space suits and enter via an airlock to use a maglev pushbike? Or will they use a pressure vessel car/pod?
Skrewloose, Nov 16 2009

       because of course trains in a vacuum has never been thought of before, wow.... [-]
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2009


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