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Value Subtracted Tax

Like VAT only Subtracted
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A sales tax that is deductible for citizens, thus allowing the raising of funds only from non citizens.

No judgement as to the net economic benefit or harm of such a tax is being made here

theircompetitor, Jan 28 2017

Monetization = value subtraction https://anagory.wor...-value-subtraction/
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. [LoriZ, Feb 14 2017]


       So this is a subsidy then?
pocmloc, Jan 28 2017

       I was just thinking about the square peg round hole problem of "getting Mexico to pay for the wall". It dawned on me that if you raised the money through a sales tax, but then allowed citizens to get it refunded, then only non-citizens paid for the wall.   

       I guess an entry fee (as they have in many Caribbean countries, would also work
theircompetitor, Jan 28 2017

       ...so you want to subsidize prices for anyone who brings proof of citizenship to the till? This is not going to go well...   

       [theircompetitor] he can make Mexico pay by taxing money sent to businesses in Mexico, taxing money sent to individuals in Mexico, taxing goods sent from Mexico, withholding foreign aid and using nonmonitary policy to force cooperation with whatever strings that originally came attached, or using political pressure to force payment. The fact that it's a bad idea has nothing to do with whether it's possible.
Voice, Jan 28 2017

       "buy £10 worth of stuff that's been made in the UK"   

       If the visitor can find £10 quid's worth of stuff that's actually made in the UK, they should get a small prize..
not_morrison_rm, Jan 28 2017


       FTFY, [their].
absterge, Feb 03 2017

       It's just protectionism by another gimmick. If everyone did it, the net effect would be some amount of value subtraction from the GPP (gross planetary product).
LoriZ, Feb 14 2017


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