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Vector Animation Container For Films

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Vector based animations like anime, western cartoons, would do well to be stored directly as vector animation for blueray video disk or some other future format.

This would allow for videos that are more future proofed against increase in screen resolutions. E.g. 45000000000k definition TV or something.

Might require more processing power on the video player. But video playing hardware are getting pretty advance these days, I'm sure it can handle it. (And for larger future screens, there probbly will be an increase in processing power to match as well)

A starting point could be a container that contains a sequence of SVG files, in sequential order (with audio synced to it).


Why not use swf? Well its proprietary, and there is no transparent way to treat it as a video that can be accessed at random points.

Think of this future format as being something like "SVG" plus "AVI", with enough intelligence to have an interactive menu for a dvd/blueray/etc... player.

mofosyne, Jul 13 2015

The_20Vector-Rendered_20Cartoon_20Channel Slightly baked [hippo, Jul 13 2015]


       The new ones certainly, that's how they're produced in the first place, no ? Older ones, you'd be missing out on the charm of hand-drawn individual cells, plus they're in analog format anyways: no loss of detail if you increase the resolution.
FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2015

       [+] I hope the encryption isn't too good. Then we can copy the models and play with them.
scad mientist, Jul 13 2015

       AI of the future will be able to analyze and redraw images. A computer will be able to take in the entire Barks collection and then draw an indefinite number of new (or resized) Donald Ducks.
Voice, Jul 14 2015


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