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Vegetarian oysters

Imitation oysters that vegetarians can eat
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I looked up vegetarian oysters and they were not in the top half of search engine results. I think they might be tasty.

I suppose that some kind of gelatin with oyster flavoring would do it.

beanangel, Nov 17 2018

Lone Star Tick https://en.wikipedi...mblyomma_americanum
Tick which induces allergy to red meat. [nineteenthly, Nov 17 2018]


       Hopefully no oysters were harmed to make the oyster flavouring. Well only a few put through the gas chromatography equipment.
wjt, Nov 17 2018

       They should be gas chromatographed post mortem. That way anyone who eats the veggie oysters will become allergic to shellfish, like that tick does to red meat.
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2018

       //like that tick does to red meat// say wha?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2018

       Oh there's supposed to be some kind of arthropod who has an antigen in her saliva which is the same as something in red meat and makes people allergic to it or something. So I've heard. Maybe it's made up - no idea.   

       Edit: lone star tick.
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2018

       Well, bless my very. You know, a malicious person could probably do a bit of tinkering and invent contagious vegetarianism.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2018

       Yes, that has occurred to people although I don't think anyone has tried it. However, it would probably cause a sudden crash in the consumption of meat and loads of cows being shot or something. It would not be good from anyone's perspective.
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2018

       And we'd make conscientious vegans do the shooting, just to drive the point home.
21 Quest, Nov 17 2018

       So... you could still eat turkey dinner, or would you be allergic to white meat as well?   

       Actually, the allergy that can be caused by the tick is only to "non-primate mammalian meat". So you could still eat a vegetarian.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 18 2018

       That tick has to be Supertick, faster than a plunged syringe, leaps species at a single bound.
wjt, Nov 18 2018


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