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Vending Machine

Automatic collection of forgotten change.
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Many people forget to collect the change from a vending machine, arcade games or pay phones. Basically the idea is if there is money sitting in the tray it gets collected after 10 minutes. If a person forgets the change after 10 minutes. Tough luck. It obviously wasn't very important to them if they forgot it in the change slot. You can justify the collection on the basis of the machine carrying your cash for 10 minutes or .. finders keepers, losers weepers.

Some other pro/cons of this invention.

Fewer homeless or poor people searching the various change slots of vending machines. Some people might argue this as a con. I like to think its a pro.

It'll take more money to make the device then it will produce in revenues. Basically its an engineering problem. Come up with a standard coin slot that will detect when coins are in the slot ... wait 5-10 minutes and then scope or flip the coins into the change box.

IdeaMachine, Apr 10 2002


thumbwax, Apr 10 2002

       Yes it ruins the fun for those people who like to find a quarter. Its still a good idea. :P
IdeaMachine, Apr 10 2002

       thin end of the wedge, it will be biting your fingers off soon.
po, Apr 10 2002


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