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Venetian Blind Repair Kit

Damned cats
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Anyone who owns cats or curious, yet slow-learning, children knows that venetian blinds aren't usually built to last. The slats will, in a very short time, get bend, warped, or plum snapped off.

Which, if you're a renter who's too cheap to tell your landlord you have cats, can be hard to explain.

Now, you can take your blinds to a repair shop, or you can go to a hardware store and search through their stock of blinds...and then you have to take the binds down...and then you have to disassemble the base...and then you have to pull out the center cable...and on, and on, and on. It's a hassle, and it can be expensive.

So, why not simply re-rigidify and re-connect the bent and broken slats?

This kit would consist of a half-inch wide by two-inch long by 16th-inch-thick pvc strip (available in cream, off-white, or ivory), a clamp to hold said strip in place, and epoxy.

To use, place the strip within a specially-designed depression in the clamp, and apply a strip of epoxy to the exposed side of the strip.

Then just hold the broken piece of the slat in place, and position the clamp so that the repair strip is on the bottom of the slat. Come back in three hours, release the clamp, and the strip stays in place. For fully-severed slats, simply repeat.

Given that glued strips are often stronger than single pieces of the same thickness, this would probably leave the blinds stronger than they were before Fluffy screwed them up.

shapu, Nov 10 2004

Fix My Blinds http://www.fixmyblinds.com
Blind repair parts and restring kits. [overcooked, Nov 12 2004]

Blind Venetians..... http://www.fcb.org/venice.htm
.....a search shows that I'm not the only one.....who thinks this way. [normzone, Nov 12 2004]


skinflaps, Nov 11 2004

       [Brau]: Same here (but an extra cat). Maybe it's just children that are the problem.
angel, Nov 11 2004

       No, I think my cats are just bored with what's in my apartment, and would rather see the out-of-doors.
shapu, Nov 11 2004

       You can already do something similar with vinyl vertical blind vanes that get broken off. You can attach a new metal clip to the top of the old vane and rehang it making it stronger than the original. http://www.fixmyblinds.com
overcooked, Nov 12 2004

       Welcome to the HB, [overcooked].   

       Hmm...I poked through that site, and I'll admit I liked what I saw.   

       However, I'm also going to vainly suggest that my idea remains superior, since it requires no restringing, and the pieces are likely to match the blinds, rather than metal.   

       Although I will admit that since fixmyblinds.com has parts in production, whereas I do not....
shapu, Nov 12 2004

       Of course your idea is awsome. I suppose it would be a little frustrating for the cats though.
overcooked, Nov 12 2004

       [normzone] I have yet to develop a way to repair blind Venetians. It's now on my list of impossible things to do.
shapu, Nov 12 2004

       //I suppose it would be a little frustrating for the cats though.//
Nah! They just keep on trashin' everythin'.
angel, Nov 12 2004


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