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Venturi appliance waste heat transfer

Transfer heat wasted by appliances Venturillly
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Your refrigerator and freezer are doing a great job, right now, probably, of heating your wall. The coils on the back, or bottom of the appliance are laden with heat transfer coils.

Remove the coils from the backs of your refrigerator and freezer and re-mount them in a sheet metal duct. Lengthen (and re-charge) the systems by installing copper tubing for the high and low sides. The duct works like this: the output register is upstairs from the appliances. The end of the duct is below the heat exchangers, and inside of the duct is a cold air return register from your existing forced air heating system. When your furnace fan is blowing, air will be drawn into the cold air return system, inside the end of the duct, forcing air up the duct. The venturi effect. The air will pass the heat exchangers, heating the upstairs rooms rather that the wall in the kitchen. When the furnace isn’t running the heat generated will cause natural convection and carry itself up the duct. When the system is running with the venturi effect, forcing air past the heat exchangers, the efficiency of your appliances increases. If you had the parts, time, air conditioning tools, refrigerant, money, green attitude, why wouldn’t you?

evilpenguin, Aug 07 2007


       + for triple-l in the made-up adverb. OK, and for the idea as well.
globaltourniquet, Aug 07 2007

       Boring idea, huh?   

evilpenguin, Aug 08 2007

       Home heating systems like this exist, I think you'll find. (Or maybe I'm getting confused with air conditioners.)
DrCurry, Aug 08 2007

       Oh, I know. My idea involves ripping apart your perfectly good appliances and reusing the coils off them.
evilpenguin, Aug 08 2007


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