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Viagra For Sale (Documenta style)

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A friend who was doing some research into the avant garde Documenta art exhibition located in Kassel, Germany, found to his dismay that the web site had been hacked and replaced by one promoting cheap viagra.

This gave me the idea of doing the exact opposite ie hacking into cheap viagra promotion sites, along with various other manifestations of the more dubious side of the sex/drugs industry, and replacing them with arty nonsense like the Documenta (see example in link)

Instead of the usual lurid streams of perpetual pop-ups featuring pouting busty girls etc, there would be brooding images of the extremes of the contemporary art world. These would be annotated with obscure references to worthy subjects such as: Scattered Hegemonies, Post modernity and Transnational Feminist art.

Deploying dreary voices, deliberating on the minusca of the avant garde, using barely understood terminology, these relentless pop-ups would simply launch yet another similar example every time an attempt was made to interrupt their progress, and gain access to the original porn site.

xenzag, Dec 03 2011

http://d13.documenta.de/ Kassel Documenta [xenzag, Dec 03 2011]

http://www.google.c...al&client=firefox-a check out the descriptor on the second listing for Documenta [xenzag, Dec 03 2011]

The invention of porn - Oglaf http://www.oglaf.com/sport/
(NSFW or those lacking a sense of humor - ) [normzone, Dec 04 2011]


       Why not just go a step further and make Documenta Porn?
Alterother, Dec 04 2011

       Are we quite sure that isn't what actually happened, when the Documenta site was "hacked" ?   

       *Extremely* rarified realms of irony.   

       PS: Thanks for the link [xenzag]. "Carnets d’Egypte: Nubian Landscape" was cool.
mouseposture, Dec 04 2011

       I checked out that video, [mouseposture]. Talk about dark humor...
normzone, Dec 04 2011


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