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Vibe spa

Vibration for wellness
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This is a spa where treatments involve vibration of one kind or another to make you feel better.

Bass room: You sit in the dark in a comfy chair with earprotectors on (they might play soothing music (the earprotectors)) Loudspeakers project very low tones at your body. You feel them in your stomach and relax.

General vibration area: Vibrating beds, chairs and small devices that can placed upon the body.

Didgeridoo room: You lie on the soft floor and nice people play the dige at your body.

Massage: Experts massage you with their fingers a bit like they are typing on your body. They do this very fast, your body shakes at the many gentle touches.

Floor: because "Tired nerves and muscles are quickly soothed by gentle floor vibrations." as we know from thhgttg

Vibratory scalp treatment.

I'm feeling sick and I so want to relax I dreamed this up in my delerium.

zeno, Feb 09 2009

Why cats purr http://www.sciam.co...id=why-do-cats-purr
...because it "can improve bone density and promote healing". Seriously. [wagster, Feb 09 2009]


       i dunno, in my experience that sort of visceral bass tends to make people tense. the old "is that a T-Rex?" reflex. You would need tweak it. The loud end of a didgydo is going to be a bit jarring too. my two cents. There may well be a set of people for whom bass is really therapeutic. (some people seem to really enjoy it.)
WcW, Feb 09 2009

       Don't forget the cleansing catharsis of the Brown Note Room.
bungston, Feb 09 2009

       Well, that's entirely unlike what I expected, and not necessarily better.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 09 2009

       Is there a room full of purring cats?
wagster, Feb 09 2009

       Yes [wagster], there has to be.
zeno, Feb 10 2009

       //common veterinary legend ... cats are able to reassemble their bones when placed in the same room with all their parts. //   

       Spontaneous feline osteoplasty! Cool!
csea, Feb 10 2009


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