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Vibramute Think Pedestal

Silently vibrate on something springy
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A spring-cushioned platform to prop your office-feet up on, so when you are office-thinking, in a vibrational sort of way, you don't jostle your monitor, shake the floor, or make a lot of distracting noise.

A V-shaped metal piece, with one side of the V laying in a wooden box. The other side of the V is for office foot placement. Inside the box, between metal and wood, is insole-style material (foam and/or gel).

These can be bolted to the ground for when you are really putting the think on.

mylodon, Aug 21 2008


       Do you usually move your feet when you are thinking?
WcW, Aug 22 2008

       Who can resist?
mylodon, Aug 22 2008


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