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Ring Tone Neutraliser

Stop annoying ring tones
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How many times a day does a ringtone drive you nuts? Well there is an answer. www.cancel that sound.com would provide 'negative' ringtones. Having identified the most annoying ring tones (the bloody Nokia 'Da-Da-Da' is top of my list), you download its negative from the site. Next time you hear the tone just select the appropriate 'negative' which. when played on your phone, will exactly cancel out the incoming sound waves, leaving you in blissful piece.

I am working on a version for Celine Dion which I hope to release soon.

Mr M, Jul 30 2003

Small mobile phone jammer http://starportuk.com/21.htm
Arhhhhh, peace and quite at last. [sufc, Oct 04 2004]


       Will this cancel Celine Dion in her entirety? + for just the idea that this could happen
jonthegeologist, Jul 30 2003

       The opposite of Celine Dion is Leonard Cohen, if that's any help at all.
my face your, Jul 30 2003

       your timing's got to be pretty reasonable, though, to get them playing at the same time. I think the Prague based Nio Denliec is who you're looking for to cancel out Celine.
neilp, Jul 30 2003

       There are other ways to cancel this out. Like a sledge hammer applied to the phone. Or the phone owner. Or Celine Dion.
hazel, Jul 30 2003

       Hazel, I cannot condone a sledge hammer applied to the radiant Canadian. Much too quick & painless.
Mr M, Jul 30 2003


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