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Vibrating Therapeutic Power Supply

charge laptop and fix your aching back
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The power supply for my Mac Laptop gets nice and warm and at this exact moment I have it pushed down behind my back, held in place by the belt on my jeans, whilst transmitting its wonderful heat into my aching lower lumber region.

I have done this because I managed to reactivate a back strain last week, whilst dragging a heavy sofa across the floor.

The power supply operates at the perfect temperature to provide relief, but it lacks two important features which would be easily implemented to make it absolutely perfect.

Item one: a very slightly more ergonomic shape, achieved by a slightly convex/concave profile modification.

Item two: the addition of a simple vibration mode.

xenzag, May 23 2009


       Good idea. To vibrate it all you'd need is to loosen the casing around the transformer a little, and the whole thing should vibrate at the 50/60Hz of mains electricity.
mitxela, May 23 2009

       My lower lumbar feels your pain. (+)   

       I've used it a few times today. It's perfectly safe because you only deploy it when seated with the laptop in front of you, on your actual lap, and the power supply at your back.
xenzag, May 23 2009


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